What Makes You...

Laugh, cringe, roll your eyes....wash your hands?!?! What happens at the gym doesn't always stay at the gym. Thanks Jason K. for submitting this awesome video! Now get your lift on!

Rad Martinez story is simply amazing.

Kevin Hart

Hilarious description of Shaquille O'Neal falling! **WARNING - Explicit Language**

Your True Self

I believe that the mind and the body can not be separated. The question is, how do you define your "self?"

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Never Give Up

If you ever find yourself in a place where hope seems to have faded. Look for your purpose. Be clear about what you want and stay focused until you get achieve it. Life will pay what you ask of it. Don't settle and accept that what you know right now, is the end all be all. If you don't like it, change it.

Nick Vujicic is an inspiration for all. Hopefully this will feed your mind. What is wrong is always available but so is what's right. Enjoy!


"Treat the people you love, like you want to be loved." - Jessie J

Raising your standards!

Successful people have standards. They compete and challenge themselves no matter the situation. They maintain a standard no matter whatever the case may be. When I coach and train, my clients often say, “Training keeps getting harder yet I am having more fun than ever training with you.” Trust me, there are days when I have conflicts in my life, days when I am exhausted and yet I can pull it together and crack off the best training session imaginable because that is the standard I have set for myself. Your standards tell your amazing story.

“If you want to take the island then you better burn the freakin’ boats!” – Anthony Robbins

When a person desires an amazing body or a wonderfully passionate and connected relationship. There is a focused goal developing in their mind. They begin by becoming aware of a standard that they want to obtain for themselves in order to reap the benefits of whatever their goal may be. For some reason, somewhere along the way they fail in backing up those standards with the committed rituals needed to achieve your goals. Your rituals will define you and with a great deal of focus and energy, you then make a shift in your mind from allowing “should’s” to accepting nothing less than “musts.” If you are looking for a beautiful sunset and your directions have you heading east….you’ll never get the results you want. If you can’t look at yourself and understand that you are overweight, you are that way because YOU put yourself in that place by the standards you come accustomed too, and then cemented them in this wonderful story known as your life with daily rituals that affirm all of your actions. Sometimes you have to be viciously honest with yourself. Great ideas and visions have to be pursued once you identify the situation exactly as it is.

A person that you see looking good physically and feeling energetic with the body they have always dreamed of; that person has different rituals than a person that is overweight and exhausted with day to day life. My suggestion to you is find a person like that and model yourself after them. Obviously it is working for them so there is no reason it can not work for you. If you study the people that have what you want, you’ll notice that they actually become somewhat addicted and stern to maintaining their standards. They settle for nothing less. What you can pick up on is their rituals. You can virtually see their compelling story in front of your own eyes. From the moment their day begins, their energy is focused on the rituals of the present moment. Those rituals tell a compelling story about a person and how they lead their life. The question remains, what story are you leading at this very moment? What are the rituals that you follow?

- Jeremy Mowe

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